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HON Initiate Station-to-go Slotted Panel System
HON Company

Initiate Slotted Panel System simplifies furnishing the workplace. Easy-to-install design allows parts to simply slide into place. Universal connectors allow two-way, three-way or four-way connections. Raceway and non-raceway panels are used together at change of direction. Raceway cover is standard in scratch-resistant and dent-resistant vinyl. 2" thick panels with rolled-edge frames and plenty of raceway room for wiring. End panels are designed to support desking and shelving connected into panel slots and will increase the rigidity of the workstation. When an installation of a worksurface is 8' or greater, a full end panel or universal support leg must be used at 90-degree panel junctions or in a shared position to support adjoining worksurfaces. Items are sold separately. Furniture meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.
Pfx, Number Description Shipping Qty Price Business** ORDER
HON NCC3636TG1S * Corner Countertop, 36"Wx36"D, White Pat./Charcoal 1 EA/CT 265.60/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NCS1536TG1S * Straight Countertop, 36"Wx15"D, White Pat./Charcoal 1 EA/CT 112.32/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NCS1572TG1S * Straight Countertop, 72"Wx15"D, White Pat./Charcoal 1 EA/CT 161.03/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4224FCE18S * Panel, 24"Wx42"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 203.07/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4236FCE18S * Panel, 36"Wx24"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 247.30/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4236FTA37Q * Panel, 36"Wx42"H, Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 235.72/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4242FCE18S * Panel, Base, 42"H, Charcoal 1 EA/CT 256.19/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4248FCE18S * Panel, 42"Wx48"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 283.29/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR4248FTA37Q * Panel, 48"Wx42"H, Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 270.03/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6824FCE18S * Panel, 24"Wx68"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 242.91/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6824FTA37Q * Panel, 24"Wx68"H, Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 242.91/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6836FCE18S * Panel, 36"Wx68"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 282.76/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6836FTA37Q * Panel, 36"Wx68"H, Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 282.76/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6842FCE18S * Panel, 42"Wx68"H, Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.34/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6842FTA37Q * Panel, 42"Wx68"H, Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 308.22/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE18S * Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Alumina/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FTA37Q * Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Salsa/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRC42Q * Universal Connector, 42" High, Light Gray 1 EA/BX 57.00/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRC42S * Universal Connector, 42" High, Charcoal 1 EA/BX 57.00/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRC68Q * Universal Connector, 68" High, Light Gray 1 EA/CT 74.12/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRC68S * Universal Connector, 68" High, Charcoal 1 EA/CT 78.89/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRECQ * Raceway End Covers, Light Gray 1 EA/CT 13.28/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NRECS * Baserail End Covers, Charcoal 1 EA/CT 15.00/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWC3624TG1S * Corner Worksurface, 36"Wx24"D, White Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 274.00/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWP3672TG1S * Peninsula Worksurface, 36"Wx72"D, White Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 380.23/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWR2424TG1S * Regular Worksurface, 24"Wx24"D, White Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 144.55/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWR2436TG1S * Regular Worksurface, 36"Wx24"D, White Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 155.00/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWR2448TG1S * Regular Worksurface, 48"Wx24"D, White Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 189.25/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWR2472TG1S * Regular Worksurface, 72"Wx24"D, White Pat./Charcoal 1 EA/CT 246.72/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWSB2Q * Worksurface Support Brackets, Light Gray 1 EA/CT 17.71/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWSB2S * Worksurface Support Brackets, Charcoal 1 EA/CT 17.71/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE18Q Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Alumina/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE21Q Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Stargaze/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE21S Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Stargaze/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FTA31Q Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Bongo/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FTA31S Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Bongo/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FTA37S Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Salsa/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE14Q Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Zephyr/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NR6848FCE14S Panel , w/Raceway Base, 48"x68", Zephyr/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 323.15/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWC3624TG1Q Corner Worksurface, 36"Wx24"D, White Laminate/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 261.18/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWC3624TG2Q Corner Worksurface, 36"Wx24"D, Gray Laminate/Light Gray 1 EA/CT 261.18/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NWC3624TG2S Corner Worksurface, 36"Wx24"D, Gray Laminate/Charcoal 1 EA/CT 261.18/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON INEP2429S End Panel, Non-Handed, 1-1/8"24"Dx29"H, Charcoal 1 EA/CT 101.59/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NOH36FDSL Overhead Panel, 36"x14-1/4"x15", Charcoal 1 EA/CT 277.48/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NSH36S Book Shelf, Open, 36"x14-3/8"x5-5/8", Charcoal 1 EA/CT 128.30/EA OUT OF STOCK
HON NEP2429V End Panel Support, 24"D, 29-1/2" H, Tan 1 EA/CT 87.98/EA OUT OF STOCK

Business pricing is available with a verifiable FEIN.
Email or call (518) 453-6563 for more information.

* While Supplies Last

NonUPSable orders are to be considered threshold deliveries. A threshold delivery is defined as a dock or door delivery and is never to be considered an inside delivery. Any special delivery services should be requested when the initial order is placed.
Cross Reference
OQ part number Equivalent
HON NCC3636TG1S 4112891519 641128915199 HONNCC3636TG1S HON-NCC3636TG1S
HON NCS1536TG1S 4112891521 641128915212 HONNCS1536TG1S HON-NCS1536TG1S
HON NCS1572TG1S 4112891527 641128915274 HONNCS1572TG1S HON-NCS1572TG1S
HON NR4224FCE18S 4512314606 745123146067 HONNR4224FCE18S HON-NR4224FCE18S
HON NR4236FCE18S HONNR4236FCE18S HON-NR4236FCE18S 745123146074 4512314607
HON NR4236FTA37Q 4512323562 745123235624 HONNR4236FTA37Q HON-NR4236FTA37Q
HON NR4242FCE18S HONNR4242FCE18S HON-NR4242FCE18S 745123237833 4512323783
HON NR4248FCE18S 4512323564 745123235648 HONNR4248FCE18S HON-NR4248FCE18S
HON NR4248FTA37Q 4512323565 745123235655 HONNR4248FTA37Q HON-NR4248FTA37Q
HON NR6824FCE18S HONNR6824FCE18S HON-NR6824FCE18S 745123146081 4512314608
HON NR6824FTA37Q 4512323566 745123235662 HONNR6824FTA37Q HON-NR6824FTA37Q
HON NR6836FCE18S HONNR6836FCE18S HON-NR6836FCE18S 745123098199 4512309819
HON NR6836FTA37Q 4512323567 745123235679 HONNR6836FTA37Q HON-NR6836FTA37Q
HON NR6842FCE18S HONNR6842FCE18S HON-NR6842FCE18S 745123237840 4512323784
HON NR6842FTA37Q 4512323568 745123235686 HONNR6842FTA37Q HON-NR6842FTA37Q
HON NR6848FCE18S 4512315296 745123152969 HONNR6848FCE18S HON-NR6848FCE18S
HON NR6848FTA37Q HONNR6848FTA37Q HON-NR6848FTA37Q 745123235693 4512323569
HON NRC42Q 4112891481 641128914819 HONNRC42Q HON-NRC42Q
HON NRC42S 4112891496 641128914963 HONNRC42S HON-NRC42S
HON NRC68Q HONNRC68Q HON-NRC68Q 641128915007 4112891500
HON NRC68S 4112891502 641128915021 HONNRC68S HON-NRC68S
HON NRECQ 4112891503 641128915038 HONNRECQ HON-NRECQ
HON NRECS 4112891506 641128915069 HONNRECS HON-NRECS
HON NWC3624TG1S 4112892118 641128921183 HONNWC2436TG1S HON-NWC2436TG1S HONNWC3624T.G1S HON-NWC3624T.G1S HONNWC3624TG1S HON-NWC3624TG1S
HON NWP3672TG1S 4112891462 641128914628 HONNWP3672TG1S HON-NWP3672TG1S
HON NWR2424TG1S 4112891442 641128914420 HONNWR2424TG1S HON-NWR2424TG1S
HON NWR2436TG1S 4112891444 641128914444 HONNWR2436TG1S HON-NWR2436TG1S
HON NWR2448TG1S 4112891448 641128914482 HONNWR2448TG1S HON-NWR2448TG1S
HON NWR2472TG1S HONNWR2472TG1S HON-NWR2472TG1S 641128914659 4112891465
HON NWSB2Q HONNWSB2Q HON-NWSB2Q 641128914796 4112891479
HON NWSB2S 4112891480 641128914802 HONNWSB2S HON-NWSB2S
HON NR6848FCE18Q 020459223881 2045922388 HONNR6848FCE18Q HON-NR6848FCE18Q
HON NR6848FCE21Q 4512307693 745123076937 HONNR6848FCE21Q HON-NR6848FCE21Q
HON NR6848FCE21S 4512368329 745123683296 HONNR6848FCE21S HON-NR6848FCE21S
HON NR6848FTA31Q 4516257597 645162575975 HONNR6848FTA31Q HON-NR6848FTA31Q
HON NR6848FTA31S HONNR6848FTA31S HON-NR6848FTA31S 745123711975 4512371197
HON NR6848FTA37S 4516296371 645162963710 HONNR6848FTA37S HON-NR6848FTA37S
HON NR6848FCE14Q 4112899117 641128991179 HONNR6848FCE14Q HON-NR6848FCE14Q
HON NR6848FCE14S 4512305715 745123057158 HONNR6848FCE14S HON-NR6848FCE14S
HON NWC3624TG1Q 4112896626 641128966269 HONNWC3624TG1Q HON-NWC3624TG1Q
HON NWC3624TG2Q 4112895511 641128955119 HONNWC3624TG2Q HON-NWC3624TG2Q
HON NWC3624TG2S 4112897480 641128974806 HONNWC3624TG2S HON-NWC3624TG2S
HON INEP2429S HONNEP2429S HON-NEP2429S HONINEP2429S HON-INEP2429S 089191092995 8919109299
HON NSH36S 4112867448 641128674485 HONNOS36S HON-NOS36S HONNSH36S HON-NSH36S
HON NEP2429V HONNEP2429V HON-NEP2429V 745123217873 4512321787

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